Monday, July 5, 2010

Protest of ASC Chair election filed today

Under the stated rules, a candidate has ten calendar days from June 28, 2010 to file a protest of the ASC Chair election. I have so filed this morning at 11:46 a.m. with 23 counts and the following:


1. Non-certification of the June 28, 2010 AAUP ASC Chair re-run election in addition to the original June 2009 election.

2. A DoL supervised re-run of the re-run of the mailed-ballot election with different OLMS personnel and the true enforcement of all DoL Regulations and the labor organization's own constitutional documents insofar as they are consistent with the law, eliminating all such defects and violations as have been outlined in this complaint.

3. The new election should be conducted with adequate notice to all members, with respect for the rights of all voters and all candidates and without the collusion with AAUP leadership which has characterized the DoL's supervision of this election to date. The new election must ensure that Candidate Statements be included with the new ballots.

4. Respect for the rights of those who challenge such elections to adequate notice in all DoL requests for further information, free of implied threats and attempts at undue coercion and unreasonable imposition, so far exhibited even by a demand for an interview on a national holiday.

5. Return of all monies paid for by Candidates in emailing their Candidate Statements.

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