Thursday, July 1, 2010

Update on the Election

I have been informed this morning by the D.C. District Director of the Department of Labor Mark Wheeler that, although the ASC constitution requires the election winner to have a majority vote - which is not the case: "There is not going to be a runoff. The election is complete."

Furthermore, he wrote me, "Protests could be filed at any time up to ten calendar days from the ballot tally, which was June 28, 2010. It will be several more weeks before OLMS determines whether the election will be certified."

On Tuesday, messages were sent among the candidates, to the AAUP election chair and to the Department of Labor election supervisor Kathleen Nolan. My own message read - and two candidates quickly agreed:

1. The total votes are 2879 (no spoiled or invalid ballots reported). No candidate received the majority required for elections under the ASC constitution.

2. Candidate statements were not included in the mailed ballots, unlike AAUP past practice (it would not have raised the cost of the mailing, given only seven candidates).

3. Information to obtain candidate statements were placed very near the end of the ballot instructions, contra to the principle that information comes before voting.

4. The web link reported for the candidate statements did not lead to the candidate statements, but rather to the AAUP home page. The AAUP home page did not tell voters where to go for the candidates statements. Only if a voter saw the tiny 'ASC Election Rerun' on that page might the voter anticipate how to get to the candidate statements.

5. I would not agree that the results are reflective of the AAUP ASC membership interest. Rather, before judging voter behavior, those responsible must first conduct an election which properly informs voters.

6. I do not concede this election. Further information will appear on my election blog when ready to become public. The Department of Labor has not certified this election.

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