Friday, May 28, 2010

Action Plan

    My action plan is listed below, while the May 25 post includes linking, as appropriate, to my expertise. Open comments are welcome here; for private messages, please use email. I would try to answer within 24 hours questions addressed to me.

  • foster democracy in the ASC through enforcement of democratic elections, one-person/one-vote
  • implement action-oriented ASC discussion lists, e.g., for contingent faculty, professional staff, academic freedom, anti-discrimination, etc. including an ASC "commons" list. (The non-profit workers collective offers independent, very inexpensive services.)
  • expand ASC liaison positions with the AAUP's national committees so that the efforts in the conferences and chapters re: governance, contingents, women, minorities, finances, etc. might be better coordinated and benefit from members’ and Association expertise through greater communication
  • assist members in states without conferences to form chapters and conferences representing all AAUP members in ASC
  • network with adjunct and contingent faculty groups (e.g., New Faculty Majority, etc.) with shared lists/blogs on AAUP principles, job opportunities, unemployment benefit information, etc.
  • address the concerns of university professionals within AAUP and encourage activism toward organizing
  • strategize to bring the principles of the profession into formation of graduate students, essential for the future of the Association and the profession
  • foster networking among conference executive directors/staff in support of their mutual goals and develop the ASC Website as a true portal for conference coordination information
  • advertise widely within AAUP the availability of resources (grants, etc.) and ensure processes for equitable distribution of those administered by ASC
  • foster problem-solving dialogue on “hot-button” issues, e.g., assessment, for-profit education, finances, the impact of technology, etc.

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