Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Focused expertise: Examples

  • Academic freedom and tenure and age discrimination:
    With a faculty member on another campus, I filed a complaint with EEOC, then a federal class-action lawsuit opposing age discrimination per contracting out of SUNY tenured. The case, open during 1999-2002, is currently closed "without prejudice" for reopening, 1999-2002.

  • Women's and minority rights:
    • In 1992 I was the author and union chapter president of a data study of gender- and race-based salary inequities by rank for faculty and professional staff;
    • I was a complainant with the NYS Division of Human Rights, opposing management retaliation against myself as union president for opposition to discrimination – Result: “probable cause” determination and later settled in 2000;
    • In 2009 I was the co-creator of my university's Ad Hoc Task Force on Gender Equity in Promotions. A report has been completed which includes the history of gender discrimination studies on campus since 1970, and was covered by Inside Higher Ed, "Gender Bias at SUNY-Buffalo?"), July 6, 2009; see, also, the Chronicle of Higher Education, "Women Denied Tenure at Greater Rates Than Men at SUNY-Buffalo", May 7, 2009. The Task Force continues to monitor the university.

  • Contingent labor rights:
    This year I researched and argued a grievance for academic freedom and against dismissal of contingent faculty member at SUNY University at Buffalo. A decision is pending.

  • Member communication:
    In 2008 I founded and continue to facilitate an online list for free and unfettered statewide discussion among UUP activists regarding UUP and AAUP issues. A motion of commendation was passed by UUP Delegate Assembly, 2008.

Paul Zarembka
Candidate for Chair
AAUP ASC Election