Friday, June 4, 2010

Endorsement, June 1, 2010

To: Members of AAUP

From: Patty Bentley and Fred Floss

RE: Paul Zarembka, Candidate for ASC Chair, 2010

Because of the nature of this election, being conducted by the DOL and the significance of the organizational changes in AAUP which are almost complete, we are impressed that Paul Zarembka has stepped forward as a candidate for the ASC and think he would provide the necessary leadership and experience to shape the State Conferences and to help build membership for the Association at this critical time.

Professor Paul Zarembka of the State University at Buffalo is a candidate for Chair of the Association of State Conferences. Representing ourselves, and in no official or formal capacity in UUP, we are delighted not only to endorse his candidacy but to urge you to engage Paul in conversation via his blog:

Paul is a champion of academic freedom and freedom of inquiry both in the academy and in our organizations. You will find him thoughtful, bright and innovative. Paul has, for the last three years and on his own initiative, managed a list serve “off-the-reservation” of official UUP communications (UUPAD) to afford the rank and file members as well as leadership opportunities for discussion of matters and issues of interest to our members in a wide range of topics.

As you can see from his candidate’s statement, Paul has a solid record of scholarship and teaching, and, importantly, in service and involvement with the union, his campus and his profession. He is tireless in his advocacy for social justice and support for the marginalized of society as well as those marginalized in the academy.

He is a mentor, a scholar and an activist who has given thoughtful purpose and analysis to his potential contributions to the AAUP and we recommend him to your attention. Please forward this message and Paul’s blog address to other AAUP members (and other UUP members for that matter). Should you want to speak with either of us, feel free to do so at our cell phone numbers or our personal email addresses, which follow.

With all best wishes to our colleagues and with great hope for the future of AAUP,

Patty Bentley: 518-569-5327
Fred Floss: 518-225-1656.


  1. Hi. How can a new AAUP member understand the AAUP internal situation well enough to vote intelligently? Are there accessible blog/email discussions, websites?

    I'm at sea, and, for example, have no idea why this election is being held (at mid-term), let alone who might be best in this office.

    I would appreciate any links or explanations, though maybe I just need time to get the feel of things . . .

    Warm Regards,

    Stephen DeGiulio

  2. Stephen,

    Yours is an excellent question. I recall my first statewide union meeting in 1981 and I had no idea for subtexts of discussions.

    Let me try to explain why this mid-term election is occurring. The federal Landrum-Griffin Act requires certain parameters of how an union election is run. AAUP does organize unions. AAUP, however, attempted to claim that it was an association and not a union and so the rules didn't apply. Those insider-type elections were thereby OK.

    The Department of Labor, after considerable investigation, decided otherwise and eventually reached agreement with the AAUP to conduct an election for the Chair of the ASC where all members would be entitled to participate equally, including being nominated. That's what's now happening.

    You also ask how to learn more, beyond AAUP publications you receive. Well, now I need to get political and say that that is a major action plan of mine - to increase communication among the members rather than from mostly D.C. down. And I have been doing that in my statewide union.

    Enough from me, at least for now. Perhaps another person has a different take.

    Paul Zarembka