Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Call for AAUP to defend adjunct's academic freedom

August 31, 2010

Dear Gary Rhoades, Greg Scholtz, Irwin Yellowitz, and Robert O'Neil, AAUP:

Below [not copied here] is re-confirmation, dated August 29, 2010, that Professor Artur Grabowski wishes AAUP to investigate the violation of his academic freedom by SUNY at Buffalo. His communication also re-affirms that Professor Grabowski wishes myself to represent him at AAUP.

As I have said, it should be a sterling case, what with Professor Grabowski already having tenure at his highly reputed university, FOUR American teaching awards as an adjunct to American universities including a Fulbright and three Kosciuszko's, a clear violation of his academic freedom implemented here on the specious claims of a single person (the Director of Polish Studies), and 'good' student evaluations at SUNY at Buffalo for his first-semester teaching! I will assist in any manner possible and am ready to answer any questions.


The UUP Chapter Board at SUNY at Buffalo has been paying careful attention to the Professor Grabowski's case. Yesterday at its monthly meeting, it unanimously passed a resolution directed toward AAUP and calling for your investigation of Grabowski's case:
    "The UUP Chapter Board for the SUNY-Buffalo Center requests that AAUP very carefully investigate the violation of Professor Artur Grabowski's academic freedom by the State University of New York at Buffalo."

I know that UUP Delegates expect AAUP affiliation to help sustain, in practice, academic freedom at SUNY and each campus.

Thank you for your careful consideration.

Paul Zarembka

cc: Professor Artur Grabowski
Mike Behun, President, UUP SUNY at Buffalo Center chapter

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