Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Personal Commitment as UUP President

I have always been bothered by union officers bringing in moneys rank-and-file don’t get. Some unions are worse than others. As UUP President, I could pocket some $50,000 additional salary relative to my campus employment. Why?

i) Under UUP policy, my academic-year salary would be “annualized” by adding two months. ii) I would be entitled to an additional stipend of $23,745. Furthermore, I could also claim a living allowance for moving to Albany when retaining a home elsewhere, up to $976 monthly. (Data from 2010-11 Budget of the Treasurer.)

I would prefer that UUP policies were less generous. Until policy is changed, I will ask the Treasurer to reduce those two summer months to one-half pay. Bearing extra living expenses, I will not request an allowance. While in the office of UUP President, I pledge annual donations totaling at $25,000, and to document the donations at the May DAs with an itemized list from income-tax filings. The targeted donations correspond to UUP positions.

($25,000 total, distribution subject to change within this list of six categories)

1. Eugene Link Student Scholarships, $5,000
2. US Labor & Veterans Against War, $4,000
3. Coalition of Labor Union Women, $4,000
4. New Faculty Majority (adjunct/contingent), $4,000
5. Africa/Asia/Latin America Labor Solidarity, $4,000
6. Association for Union Democracy, $4,000

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