Friday, June 25, 2010

An additional endorsement, by Leland C. Marsh

The statement below was made by Professor Leland C. Marsh in support of my candidacy for AAUP ASC Chair. Professor Marsh served as AAUP chapter president at his college and later became President of the SUNY AAUP Council, one of the original contenders for representing the bargaining unit. He went on to become a founder of UUP and served as the first chief negotiator of the contract, author of the academic freedom language which is still in the contract today.

Professor Marsh informed me that he left union leadership long ago in protest of the loss of union democracy, supplanted by union bossism as he describes:

"Let's return to John Dewey, the founder of both AFT and AAUP, and his belief in democracy in action and contrast that with how AFT, UUP, and AAUP are currently being run: by political bosses who maintain their power through pre-arranged block voting so that real democracy in the voting booth is thwarted. That is what is at stake here -- the return to union democracy and the destruction of union bossism."

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